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Save your money by eliminating fax machine and line subscription, no toner, no jamming, don’t have to pay for maintenance.
bulletFax Archive
Faxes are stored securely online for 1 year so that you always have access when needed.
bulletlists are constantly updated
Lists are constantly updated and they are put together from various reliable sources (authority websites, ads, local 411 publishing and many others.). Nonetheless, the lists are FREE
bulletStudy the features your fax marketing company has to offer
Your fax marketing company has to offer life-time storage of faxes, online access from anywhere, comprehensive address book to store and easily search your contacts, local and toll-free number, monitoring live results, chat / email / phone support, free setup and 30 day risk free trial for Internet Fax.
bulletSay goodbye to your traditional fax machine
It has never been easier to send and receive fax. Say goodbye to your traditional fax machine. You don’t need to be in the office to send / receive important faxes. Access your fax from anywhere in the world.
bulletsending and receiving fax by email with $2.99 per month
Our Internet Fax starts as low as $2.99 per month and you can choose to send / receive as many as you want.

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