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Fax Broadcasting

Fax broadcasting software / Wholesale price - 1.0 cent per success fax / No charges for failed faxes / Simple fax broadcast interface / Easy fax marketing, fax advertising tool

Fax Broadcasting

FaxBB provides its clients with the latest broadband electronic messaging technology in order to improve your customer interaction capabilities. Fax broadcasting is a great way to boost your brand awareness and increase your sales. Most people report getting new leads after the first fax broadcast campaign. Fax blast is a low cost advertising method. Depending on the size of your campaign, your fax blasts can cost as low as $0.01. If you are  unsure whether fax blasting is good for your business or not, here are some of its advantages:

–          You have complete control over your fax marketing campaigns. You will be able to edit your fax lists at any time (add numbers, remove numbers, change names and so on), schedule the fax broadcast for any time you wish, as well as pause, resume and stop at your convenience.

–          Are you running a new business with a very small contact database? Then a fax broadcast should be your first marketing action! Most companies can offer you fax lists for free (or for a very small price) provided that you use their fax blasting services. Don’t worry; fax lists are customized for each target audience, so you will only be reaching people that are likely to become your customers.

–          Fax broadcast is much better than direct mail or email. The first one often gets lost, while the letter has a great risk of being unopened or of going directly to spam. Fax broadcasting software has a redial feature that ensures that, if the number is in use, the person will eventually receive your message.

–          Fax marketing is very time efficient. Your employees don’t need to spend days by the fax machine sending out blasts to each number in your contact database at a time. They can spend their days coming up with better strategies or tending to the leads so that they become actual customers.

–          You will get extensive reporting. After each fax broadcast, you will receive a report about your campaign. Who received your message and who didn’t; what was the time when most fax blast were delivered and so on; this is data that will surely help you with your next campaigns. Moreover, you can send fax blast a discount coupon; this way, you will know for sure how many people on your fax list became your customers after a fax broadcasting campaign.

FaxBB fax broadcasting allows you to instantly start fax campaign with ease while managing the entire process right from the Web.  Instantly send pricing sheets, notifications, promotions, surveys right from the Web. Uploading your fax documents, managing your fax lists, scheduling deliver, viewing and downloading real-time fax results,  as well as monitoring and controlling the process of  whole campaign is just as easy as a couples of clicks. Instantaneous and simultaneous dissemination. same day or scheduled fax broadcasting.

Based in Canada, we provide a full scale service to a wide range of clients, from small self employed people wishing to target local areas with a few thousand pages, to larger fax marketing campaigns sending hundreds of thousands to a wider area.


Some faxBB fax broadcasting features:


Auto-Retry option

FaxBB web platform attempts to send your fax multiple times to maximize sending for fax advertising campaign. Customers are only charged for completions.


Contact and Fax Document Management

Contact manager let’s you upload unlimited lists and allows you to further segment and target users, add contact manually or upload a TXT, CSV spreadsheet. You can upload the fax document or flyer right from your local computer through Fax Manager and view the re-format result online.


Account Management

  • Check account current balance
  • show account rate plan
  • Your account profile


Campaign Management

Monitoring the current fax blasting campaign real-time, You can start, stop, slow down or speed up the campaign process based on your capacities of handling phone calls and time scheduling. You have full control of  your fax campaign in ‘Campaign Management’.



Having access to detailed reporting and acting on it is what separates the successful fax marketers from the rest. After you send out your latest fax blast, numerous statistics are tracked and compiled for you to view when you want. Export, share and analyze with your team.

  • Graphic general report generated real-time
  • Track delivered faxes and failed faxes.
  • View transmission detail of every single fax number, with starting time, duration, reason of failure if non deliverable


Do Not Fax List

FaxBB web platform provides ‘Do Not Call List’ manager for you to import or manually add the fax number unsubscribed from your fax list.

If a recipient of one of your faxes ever call in and ask to be excluded from your future fax marketing campaigns, you need to make your fax blast easy to opt out of.  It can be done through a phone number, fax number or even an email address. Not everyone will want to continue having messages sent to their fax machine and that is why you have control over your unsubscribe list or the do not fax manager.
Fax broadcasting campaigns can be scheduled for the time of your choosing. Solicited broadcasts can be sent at anytime as long as it adhere to broadcast regulations. Regulations may specify specific times for unsolicited broadcasts. Remember,  it is very important to understand Fax Laws and Fax marketing laws. Check with the appropriate regulators, like the FCC, or the CRTC, for details.