Fax Broadcasting

82 Billion Faxes Delivered in 2023


We’ve served +21,000 clients since 2008


Roofing & Paving Company

$300 – 40,000 faxes

Travel Agency

$1000 – 120,000 faxes

Health Care

$150 – 10,000 faxes

Canadian Promo

$100 - 10,000 faxes
$278 - 30,000 faxes

Fax Blasting

By Using Fax Marketing

Advantages Of Fax Broadcasting


Some of the uses are:

  • 1

    Sending remittances

  • 2

    Sending either instructions or even reports to their franchises or the branches

  • 3

    Using power fax broadcasts to send newsletters to their customers or potential clients.

  • 4

    Advertising their new product launches and special offers

  • 5

    The fax broadcasting services are used to send across price lists, reminders, announcements, or even send and receive applications.

bulk fax broadcasting
roofing faxes
  • Roofing & Paving

  • Traveling

0$Health Care
  • Health Care

fax marketing

Fax Marketing.

Faxbb offers an efficient way of fax marketing and advertising which is easy, simple, economical and reliable. You need not to invest a lot of inexpensive software or servers or even phone lines. Fax marketing makes sure that the message reaches the correct people with a hard copy of the customized message. We ensure your message gets through without any hindrances-be it emails that are lost and deleted, or change in addresses, etc.

fax blasting

Fax Blasting

Fax blasting is the other term for fax broadcasting and it could prove to be quite effective to the growth of your business. You can build up your business’ exposure by way of fax blasting. Your business could make use of our fax blasting service to send across company bulletins or send memos to clients, raise funds for charity, etc. We also can assist in the generation of leads by way of e-marketing and fax blasting. We assist in sending bulk fax through bulk faxing.

Power fax

Power Fax

The Fax List of your business should always be updated and include extra fields for other data in order to increase your response rates with the help of field merging. In addition, formatting of fax numbers is not important; hence spaces, dashes, as well as parentheses will not be included. A valid fax number is important with respect to the number of values.

Fax Broadcast Features



FaxBB try Its best to ensure that your fax campaign delivers successfully by using auto redial feature that attempts to resend your fax a couple of times.

Fax List and Fax

Document Management

You can easily manage your fax list and fax document. You can bulk upload your fax list or add contacts manually one by one.

Reporting and Campaign


Campaign management tab of FaxBB let’s you create and manage your fax campaigns. You can create a new campaign, stop or resume any existing campaign.



FaxBB provides easy opt-out option. There is Do Not Call List (DNC) option where you can add fax numbers that are requests to be unsubscribed.
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Why Faxbb Fax Blast

It could be a useful tool for any business. For one week you could use this service to promote your business. You can use the service of fax broadcasting of Faxbb to send across your company bulletins, certain memos to your clients or maybe suppliers, to raise funds for charity, or even to develop new business. Using our Fax Broadcast and other services like e-marketing strategy, we could assist your business in the generation of leads. The prices of our fax broadcasting prices are quite economical as well. At Faxbb, we provide a simple fax broadcast service and a simple process which is able to deliver numerous marketing campaigns each year at very competitive prices for both organizations as well as individuals across Canada and USA. Fax Advertising helps you to reach out to a target audience. Fax marketing with the help of wide Fax Marketing List which helps you to reach out to marketing goals. We offer a competitive price (we also have wholesale pricing), an easy and simple sign up process and a free trial without any obligation. We also provide a start-up credit, a simple web interface and the leading technology which can support all the broadcasting needs of your company.

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