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Fax Broadcasting and Fax Blasting in Australia with FaxBB


With the huge hike in email marketing campaigns across the world and their far from perfect results, marketers are looking for better, cost-effective and more efficient ways to mass-market. The larger marketing companies are looking to move away from the expensive and top-heavy telephone sales type of campaigns, in search of cheaper alternatives. Telephone sales are not only expensive, due to the number of staff involved but also in terms of training the telephonists, so they are all singing from the same song sheet, they also carry many responsibilities. It also takes time to outline your offer verbally and maintaining motivation in the workforce is difficult, due to the persistent negativity experienced and the fast-turnover of staff. It is so easy for a prospect to just hang up half-way through the call and even experienced campaign professionals can struggle to contact the right person in the prospective company, the all-important decision maker.


These are some of the reasons marketers are always looking for new alternatives and why email marketing has grown to such an extent in recent years. However, there is an inherent weakness in email marketing, as many of these ‘offer’ emails either get side-lined into a junk mail folder, or your wonderfully composed and created email, just doesn’t get opened and sits on someone’s computer for a couple of days, before being deleted unread. This equates to no exposure whatsoever!


Australia fax broadcast


There has always been another, more efficient and cost-effective method of mass marketing that is Fax Broadcasting. This older sibling of emails has been rejuvenated with new technology and has stepped confidently into the 21st Century. With a well-designed promotional fax, you know your message will be printed out at the other end and you also know your fax has a good chance of being passed to the right person in the company. Once your fax becomes a document at the recipient’s end, there is a responsibility placed upon the receiver, to pass the document on to the correct person in the company. It is this hard-copy existence and its delivery, right to your potential customer’s office that sets fax marketing apart. Your fax will get more visibility at the recipient’s office too and get much longer ‘eye-time’ than an email or a leaflet. If you are planning your next marketing in the Australia, then consider the benefits of Fax broadcasting and call us today and our friendly staff will discuss the many options open to you.


As you would expect, fax broadcast and fax blasting has come a long way from the days of blurred text on shiny paper. Modern faxes can deliver all the punch of an email or a brochure and with that printed hard-copy being presented to the recipient at the other end, you will at least know that your beautifully crafted advertisement will be opened and seen by your company of choice. Fax Broadcast is also extremely affordable in comparison to telephone sales or leafletting and can be carried out by just one person. Your delivery target count with fax-broadcasting can be in the hundreds to thousands, and even millions!


Why Fax Broadcasting with FaxBB?


Experience and Security


FaxBB have a wealth of experience in this growing industry and we only use robust, professional and totally secure software and systems, to carry our traffic.


Campaign Setup


FaxBB can offer you a great deal of assistance in formulating your fax marketing campaign, from layout, design and artwork through to the final delivery.


Large, Targeted and Quality Database


A comprehensive and large database is as necessary for fax broadcasting as any other means of mass marketing and the quality of our database is the key to your campaign’s success. There is one clear advantage to fax broadcasting and that is the ability to target your deliveries in different ways, such as to commercial addresses in chosen post code or geographical areas, or to a particular industry sector.


ACMA Registered and Fully Compliant


We are ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) registered and fully compliant and we can offer you a wealth of options and services, to produce a quality and effective marketing fax. The quality of our services will impress you and with accurate industry categories and geographical metadata to allow the precise targeting of your campaign, you will soon reap the rewards of your efforts. All the prospective recipient’s numbers will be passed through the ‘Do-not-call’ register and you can be totally confident in our systems and security, for your all-important sales campaign. The speed of set-up and delivery is also welcoming in our fax-broadcasting process, as with our help, you can be ready to go usually within 24 hours and as we all know, time is money.


Industry Leader in Technology and Cost Effective


So fax broadcasting is a real player in the industry today, as new technology has transformed this process into a simple but powerful, cost-effective and valuable tool in effective mass-marketing. So switch your email campaign to a fax-broadcasting campaign in this next round of advertising and realize the benefits of putting a hard-copy of your advert into someone’s hand, in the office of your targeted prospect and you might never go back to email.


So call us today, as we are the industry-leaders, with a proven track-record for excellence and we will guide you through the simple process of fax-broadcasting a successful marketing campaign for your company.