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Email Broadcast Service

Email Broadcast Service

You might have noticed that you can’t send more than a few hundred email per day. Don’t worry! We help you send thousands of email in one go. All you need is send us your email list and message to send out. We also have various ready-made templates that we can setup with your logo and email message.


Contact us for our competitive quote with price beat guarantee.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our expert support staff makes sure that each email campaign is handled with care.

Full Assistance

You don’t have to worry about formatting email list and setting up your email campaign. Our team of email marketers take care of everything.

Quick Delivery

Our servers ensure the quick delivery to large number of email addresses.

Campaign Scheduling

We can schedule your email campaign to send out on future date and time.

Mail Merge

Give your customers a personal touch with mail merge. We provide mail merging facility to personalize your email messages for every customer.


We make sure that the quality of graphics and logos in the mail is not compromised.

Detailed Reporting

Our detailed reporting will help you figure out which emails were opened successfully and which were not delivered. And even more details to monitor your campaign success.