Fax Advertising

Use Fax Advertising Services and See how much time you SAVE!

The FaxBB, the online fax service enables you to perform fax broadcasting to hundreds of thousands of users reliably and easily. You can easily send newsletters, marketing materials, and other documents via our fax servers. We make sure the entire process of Fax Advertising is seamless.

At FaxBB when the documents are fax blasted, the broadcast servers deliver them in Fine Resolution or Fine Mode to every single fax machine or the e-Fax numbers. We ensure that your Fax ads look sharp and clear. We have a lot of templates to offer.

Our network has thousands of fax lines and we offer the lowest fax broadcast rates.

This lets us makes use of the fine mode and still be able to give our clients low rates. We make sure your fax document reaches your Fax marketing list clearly. Clients must check the fax document by sending a fax to themselves first- test fax. In this manner, you can check for any corrections and errors and check the quality too.

Fax Advertising Service

For fax marketing or fax advertising campaign for any firm, statistics are very vital. We provide all the vital information by way of our online mass fax report. Our customers can also check real-time statistics. You can also get a detailed log which provides the list of fax numbers dialed.

We can send your fax to any other country as well. We can send millions of faxes in a single day via our fax servers at a low cost. The option of setting up the fax broadcasts can be done by you or it can be left to us. In case any fax number is busy, it will be retried every 15 minutes for 5 times as per your request at no extra cost. We accept all kinds of file formats. We also merge data from the fax list to the fax document.

The fax system of FaxBB is web-based. Our clients need not buy or lease out any fax software and you need not have fax lines.

For our fax advertising clients, we offer automatic opt-out fax or phone number free of cost. Please note that we are specialists in delivering critical documents and we do not offer spam fax services.

Fax Advertising Price

At FaxBB the rates for our fax broadcasting are competitive. Though the costs are cheaper in comparison to other fax companies, it is due to our constant endeavor to optimize our services. We build good relationships with the fax carriers and this helps us offer our services at a low cost.

So contact us today for fax marketing or fax advertising services and have a look at how much money your organization can save by using our services.

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