Fax Broadcast Features

FaxBB is a powerful and reliable fax portal that uses cloud based broadband messaging technology with simple interface. It gives you complete control over your fax campaigns with the help of comprehensive reporting feature that also includes graphical representation of campaign results. Our top-notch fax portal ensures the successful delivery of every fax by re-sending fax if the number is busy. Being HIPAA complaint with secure network and automated toll free fax removal service, FaxBB gives you a peace of mind.

Auto Redial Busy Numbers
Auto Redial feature makes sure the successful fax delivery by re-sending it If the number is busy. And more interestingly, you will only be charged once the fax is delivered successfully. Unlike others we don’t charge if a fax is failed.

Campaign Management
Create and update fax campaigns with with one click. All you need to do Create Campaign by going into Campaign Management tab, select your fa document and fax list group, hit save and you are done. Sit back and watch amazing results. You can also schedule the delivery of your fax campaign for later date and time.

Contacts Management

You can create as many contact groups as you want. You can save your fax list in respective contact group. You can save your contacts manually one by one or you can also save a large number of contacts using bulk upload / import feature.

Fax Flyers / Documents

Adding fax document is easy and you can add multiple fax documents to your account. You can choose from different fax documents you uploaded when you are creating a new campaign. You save your fax document in JPEG as well as PDF file.

Fax Removal

Don’t worry about fax removal when using FaxBB for your fax marketing campaigns. Our fax portal has Do Not Call List (DNC) feature that lets you add fax number for opt-out. Any number added to DNC will be ignored when you send your fax campaign.