Fax Broadcasting

FaxBB advanced cloud based platform is state-of-the-art fax broadcast portal that allows you to get in touch with your customers in most effective way. There is no doubt, that fax broadcasting has great return on investment compare to other marketing approach. It gives a boost to your brand by creating awareness about your product or service which ultimately leads to more sales. Fax blasting is not only low cost, but also brings you quick results. It is reported that most marketers start getting result after first fax broadcast campaign.

FaxBB is using cloud based technology and we also offer price beat guarantee. If you are serious about fax marketing, your fax campaign can go as low as 1 cent per fax page. Not only this, but we also charge you for successful fax that means you only pay when your fax is delivered. To help you decide If fax blasting is something you really need to consider, we are highlighting some of the merits for choosing this as your marketing platform:


Full Control Over Your Fax Campaign


You don’t need to run your fax campaigns blindly and wait for something to happen. You can fully control your fax campaigns. Edit your contacts or fax list whenever you need it, you send your fax broadcast immediately or schedule it for later time. If your fax credit is finished then your fax campaign will be stopped, but the good news is that you can resume the fax campaign from the last point after adding more credit to your fax portal account. Most importantly, you can see the complete statistics and measure the success of your fax broadcasting campaign.



Customize and Mail Merge


You can customize your fax document using mail merge technology. Mail merge allows you to add important details of receipts such as first name and last name. This can help you give a personal touch to your target audience. People pay more attention when they see their name on the fax document. You can always request for mail merge to get an extra edge.


Fax Marketing VS Email Marketing


Compare to email marketing or even direct mail, fax broadcasting is more powerful and effective marketing solution when It comes to ROI. Now a days email filters are much powerful then ever. There is a great possibility of your marketing or promotional email will go straight to spam or junk folder. However, with fax broadcasting you make sure that your fax document will be delivered to your customer. Although our fax portal has redial feature that will try to resend If the number is busy, but you can also download list of busy fax numbers from your fax campaign result to resend it on later time or date.


Real time and Detail Report


Fax portal has powerful reporting feature that let’s you dive deep into your campaign statistics. Once your campaign is completed, you can click to view the result / report of your fax campaign. Robust and powerful reporting that gives detail of each fax number you tried to send a fax to. It will show you how many numbers are answered, failed, busy, blocked or invalid. You can also download all those numbers individually. For instance, you plan to resend a fax broadcast campaign to busy numbers, you can simply go to report section of your fax campaign and click to export all busy numbers from a specific campaign. You can upload them again to retry.


FaxBB is an advanced cloud based technology that let’s you do everything online. You don’t need to store anything on your PC or laptop. You can upload all fax lists and fax documents on your FaxBB account and you can access it from anywhere in the world. It helps you boost your business while you are on vacations in another country with your family. Just login to your fax portal and improve your sales with our reliable fax portal. FaxBB is among leading fax broadcasting companies in the world and helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and big organizations.


Some Outstanding Features of FaxBB:


Auto Redial


FaxBB try Its best to ensure that your fax campaign delivers successfully by using auto redial feature that attempts to resend your fax a couple of times. And you don’t need to be worry about the cost because we charge you only for successful fax.


Fax List and Fax Document Management


You can easily manage your fax list and fax document. You can bulk upload your fax list or add contacts manually one by one. Bulk uploading is very useful when you need to add large number of fax numbers and doing it one by one isn’t not a good idea in that situation. Adding contact number manually is usually good option when you need to add any new fax number to your existing fax list. You can also upload multiple fax document to your fax portal account. You can select whatever fax document you needed when you are sending out your fax campaign. Make sure to save in PDF or JPEG file for good results.


Reporting and Campaign Management


Campaign management tab of FaxBB let’s you create and manage your fax campaigns. You can create a new campaign, stop or resume any existing campaign. Once the campaign is completed, you can click to view results that will take you to Reporting feature. However, you can also see the Real-Time Report even when the campaign is running. Our fax portal has an awesome reporting feature that shows statistics with graphical representation. You can also download your campaign results for further analysis or later use.


Easy Opt-out


FaxBB provides easy opt-out option. There is Do Not Call List (DNC) option where you can add fax numbers that are requests to be unsubscribed. You can add them in manually or you can bulk upload those fax numbers to DNC list. Make sure you send solicited fax broadcasting campaigns that are in compliance with local government regulations.