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FAXBB – The Best Fax Broadcasting Service Provider

If you are looking for the best fax broadcasting service, then don’t look beyond as we are the leading fax broadcasting service provider. Know what makes us unique and the best.

(I) Convenient Fax Broadcasting in Bulk

FaxBB’s online fax broadcasting service allows you to distribute your marketing materials, newsletters, or any document to a huge audience. The fax servers distribute hundreds of faxes swiftly – for instance, sending one-pager fax to 15,000 recipients may take between 1.5 and 3.5 hours.

(II) Online List Management

Our online fax management service lets you manage all your fax broadcasting distribution lists online. You can import many recipients into a single or many lists, and the fax can be sent across to your entire list in one click. We support around 20,000 recipients in a single list, and you can create numerous lists.

(III) Static or Dynamic Fax Content

FaxBB allows you to send static or dynamic fax to your online management list of recipients. The static fax is where all your recipients receive the same content. You can make use of the Mail Merge web Fax service for the creation of dynamic content.

(IV) Single-Click Resubmission

Fax broadcasting in bulk might lead to a few failed transmissions for various reasons. We offer a single-click resubmission of failed fax broadcasts.

(V) Top Support Services

We offer top-notch customer support by way of phone and email services in your local language.

FaxBB’s Fax Blasting Service

“Fax blasting” or “fax broadcasting” can be used to increase the exposure to your business. You can use this service to send your company bulletins, memos to your clients or suppliers, or even generate more revenue by generating new business.
More about the Fax Blasting Service:
● We offer a delivery report on completion of the fax broadcast. In case we cannot deliver as per the entire quote, we credit the difference back to you or apply the credit to your future order.
● We have our own lists in case you do not have your own lists
● We have millions of fax numbers to cater to small and mid-size businesses.
● To know about our targeted lists, you can contact us via email or phone for a quote.
● Once the payment is received along with your fax ad, it is delivered within 24 hours.
● We also design flyers for companies.
● We ensure that those recipients who have requested for not receiving such faxes are not faxed.
So, get in touch with us today, and know all about our services. Feel free to contact us via email or phone to know the quotes for our Fax Broadcasting services.

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