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Bulk SMS service at affordable price

SendPulse is one of email services leaders that’s why we offer low prices. Are you’re going to send to a large subscriber base?
OK, we can offer a plan at wholesale prices.

SMS messaging features



Evaluate the results of SMS campaigns by analyzing the statistics on opening and
delivering each message you send out.


API Integration

Use our API to integrate SMS messaging
with your website, app, software or CRM
system. Many developers have already
implemented it to make notifications
easy for business workflow.


SMS Autoresponders

Put into practice the concept of effective
communication with customers. Set up an
automated flow of messages containing not
only SMS but also email and web pushes.


Subscription Forms

Create SMS subscription forms and integrate
them into your website. You can customize
the size, the background, font color and even
upload your image or logo.


Unsubscribe links

Include unsubscribe link into your SMS.
Let your audience know that they can
unsubscribe whenever they like.


Exception list

You can exclude phone numbers from
recipients list. Use this feature when you
don’t want to send message to the
whole list.

Send SMS worldwide to more than 800 mobile operators

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Other Unlimited Services Included in Every Plan!

Ringless Voicemail Drops

Finally Drop Voicemails Without Ringing Your Recipient’s Cellphone.

Hosted Outbound IVR

Conduct IVR Branching Surveys, Polls & Market Research, Instantly.

Unlimited SMS

FaxBB has fully integrated SMS.

Live Transfers

Flood your call center with incoming calls!