Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting

Grow your business with FaxBB Voice Broadcasting Service

Use Voice Broadcasting to reach large number of people in the short time. Send promotions, updates, building closures and more. Messagizer’s unified voice broadcasting platform lets you quickly setup voice blast, send and receive your message in minutes.

  •  Extensive reporting service
  •  Text-to-speech facility
  •  Customized messages for answering machines
  •  Press-1 transfer
  •  Easily set up “Do not call” list
  •  Using your own number as Caller ID
  •  Automatic retries
  •  Schedule facility to run at the best time for targeted audience

With our voice blast software Interactive Voice Response (IVR) function, you can set up polls, surveys, reminder for appointments, payments for inbound and outbound uses. Our IVR technology is affordable and easy-to-use providing a simple drag and drop menu for users.

Try it out completely free and find out why so many organizations rely on Messagizer as their automated voice calling system!

What’s voice broadcasting?


Voice Broadcasting Messaging, set forth plainly, is the capacity to convey messages utilizing robotized voice calls.

The most widely recognized kinds of VBM include either pre-recorded sounds or text-to-discourse messages. They can customize the message. Every one of these sorts of messages has qualities that make them ideal for specific applications. VBM takes into consideration cooperation with the beneficiary of the call through the numeric keypad of their telephone. It depends on choices depicted in the message, like entering a number to pick an alternative or entering an arrangement of numbers having a place with an ID.


How does voice broadcasting work?


Add your telephone numbers

Add your telephone numbers or rapidly import a rundown in Excel or CSV designs. Utilize the gatherings highlights of Faxbb.com to handily sort out your contacts.

Record a voice message to send

You can undoubtedly record your voice message utilizing any touch tone telephone or FaxBB’s portable application. You can choose any voice file and send it to the customers.

Send your call and view report

Send your voice broadcast out the present moment or timetable for a particular day and time. Whenever it’s sent you’ll get an itemized report showing what occurred on each call!

Simple Interface with New Broadband Messaging Technology


—- HIPAA compliant and secure network

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Voice Broadcast

Send voice broadcast reminders and messages to millions of contacts with highest speed.

Interactive IVR

Build an interactive IVR app using the recordings or TTS for a more personal touch.

Text Message

Use text Broadcast massages to send marketing promotions, alerts, messages and new updates.

VoiceMail Detection

Answering Machine Detection with leave-a-message-after-the-tone identification.

Press-1 Call Transfer

Live lead generation allowing a contact press 1 to transfer the call to an agent.


Internal and external DNC (Do Not Call) lists supported.

Voice Broadcast

What’s Voice Broadcasting Services

Voice broadcasting services started in the 1990s, with its mass communicating services benefitting hundreds and thousands of companies through the ages. The value of voice messages has increased among people since time immemorial. A number of businesses and companies use mass communicating services today to reach a mass of customers in a short span of time.

Voice broadcast manage a database of phone lists of all consumers as well as digitally recorded phone messages to send to all of them in an instant.

Our Voice Broadcasting Service

Voice Broadcasting is quite useful for an enterprise especially when the information has to be spread to a large mass of people. As years pass by, voice broadcasting services are being used extensively. Businesses need not restrict themselves to just sending updates – promotional or emergency. The health industries are using voice broadcasts to send across reminders for appointments or prescriptions.

The Use of Voice Broadcasting

Companies are making use of voice broadcasting services as an interactive system between the business and the customers. This system is being used for surveys and getting responses from the customers.

Mentioned below are ways in which different industries are using this service to increase their reach among the masses:

  1. Political: Political parties make use of the voice broadcasting service to advertise their election promises among the voters and volunteers. They organise numerous broadcasting campaigns, customise them and send it out to the target voters. They also use this service to provide updates and information about the party to their volunteers. Pre-election polls are also conducted via this service.
  1. Government: The government uses voice broadcasting to communicate the policies, schemes, laws, and any changes in these to the citizens. A voice broadcast can be easily reached via phones and this makes it very easy for the government to provide the information to people who belong to either the lower or the middle-income group. Also, it can be used to broadcast emergency alerts to the citizens. All they need to do is record the message and voice broadcast it simultaneously to all the citizens.
  1. Education: Education has been modernized a lot due to technology in many ways. Educational institutions are making use of smart techniques to enhance the teaching methods, the methods of assessment as well as sending out information. An important method of circulating the information between students and parents is the use of voice broadcasting. The school can send details about examinations, fees reminders, PTA meetings, updates on events or holidays, etc. by using this service. It is also used for various admission campaigns of schools.
  1. Advertising & Promotions: Marketers constantly look out for advanced techniques to get the attention of their target customers. Be it by quantity or quality, they keep trying to entice the customers into purchasing their products and service. However, by using voice broadcasting service, they can attract the target customers by maintaining quality and quantity. In the initial contact, the marketer can capture the attention of the customer, when they use a voice broadcast instead of an SMS or an email. They can also spread information about promotions or events using this service.
  2. Healthcare: In this industry, time equals money. Even a single minute cannot be wasted as peoples lives are put at stake. Voice broadcasting, thus, plays a very crucial role here. It is used as the Emergency Response Coordination and Communication Solution (ERCC). In case of emergencies, the staff at the hospital is informed about the patient who is on the way in addition to the emergency type.

FaxBB offers the best voice broadcasting services at affordable prices. In case you wish to implement this service in your business, feel free to contact us.

What Are Voice Broadcasting Services?

Voice broadcasting software records and plays your message when the customer answers the call. You can choose which message to play that is going to help your business grow.

Voice broadcasting, when customised with the set of phone numbers, helps to connect with the customer when they press a certain number. Through that, they can get to know if a particular person is interested in the business, when is the best time to call, how many calls to make in a day and more.

Business helps to engage customers because voice calls are much more reliable than text messages.

How do you broadcast voice?

Calls certain numbers

Faxbb.com calls a rundown of telephone numbers from an information base. On the off chance that you have provisioned nearby numbers from Vonage APIs, your call beneficiaries will consider neighbourhood to be as the guest ID, paying little heed to the area from which you started the call.

Message is sent

People pick up the telephone and hear a pre-recorded or text-to-discourse message. Text-to-discourse messages can likewise incorporate data that has been customized for every beneficiary. In the event that nobody answers, or then again in the event that we recognize that voice message has replied, your application can retry the call or leave a voice message (contingent upon your business rationale).

Recipients of your call can react to your message

On the off chance that you demand criticism, people can react to an IVR menu or record a sound reaction.

Reports will be given

You can acquire significant experiences about your customer’s feelings by producing reports about your missions from FaxBB’s dashboard.

What is intelligent voice broadcast used for?

The astute voice broadcast framework can send comparable or customized messages to different clients and possibilities. These transmissions could be utilized for affirmation or assessments of public sentiment during a mission. They can likewise be utilized your own updates and updates.

How do I make a broadcast call?

  • Select the voice broadcast on Faxbb.com
  • Upload your contact list and pick the subtleties of your mission
  • You are all set! Timetable or Start your mission today!

How do I make voice calls in bulk?

Mass voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages to a portable or landline networks the nation over. Faxbb.com empowers you to speak with your clients by calling their Mobile/Land telephone numbers anyplace in USA with a pre-recorded voice message. It is done through a completely robotized Online System. Voice Calls are totally robotized measure subsequently no administrators or dialer is need to handle the call, when the framework is set with your pre-recorded message.

Benefits of Using Voice Broadcast at Faxbb

Accurate AMD

Accuarte AMD of FaxBB helps company detect whether the call was taken by a live person or if it went to voicemail and thus remained unanswered. FaxBB helps you to know the beeps before the message will be detected, so your business will know when to display the exact message. This way, your business will be able to engage on the right time with the right customers.

Control The Caller ID

Customers are able to control and manage the caller ID at FaxBB. They can use their caller iD number and use custom voice messages to send out broadcasts to the customers. Some loyal customers deserve certain special voice tunes sometimes for perhaps some special discounts and offers. FaxBB offers all these special services, thus helping your business grow and reach greater heights each day.

Vanity phone numbers are also available for persons who do not want to share their real number. They can opt for toll free numbers and use them as their nick-number.

Live Answer Messages

Customers have the ability to record and play multiple recordings, that too for a single broadcast. In FaxBB, you can choose the answer messages to play during a live session. You can choose other answers to play when the FaxBB understands that the message is going into a voicemail.

Personalized Recordings

Voice broadcast at FaxBB helps helps you to record and play personalized messages. Customers of yor business may get more interested in the call if they feel that the calls are made especially for them.

If you don’t get the time or energy to record a voice message, just type a text and the amazing features of FaxBB helps to create an audio file out of just the text!

FaxBB is amazing to help your business flourish and reach out to your customers, with love!

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